Not a Big Fan of Winter

Okay, so I really do like winter … until you get near the end of it and just want spring to come.  But mostly I don’t like winter as far as outside exercising.  I don’t like bundling up to go on a walk. Or having to bundle up my daughter.

I have however started exercising at the church.  On Monday, Tuesday, and Friday there is an exercise class taught at the church.  One of the ladies in the stake is the instructor.  We do aerobics and it is fun.  I am probably one of the youngest ones who go, but I love it.  I know most of the people from being in their ward at one time or another.  There are probably about 6-10 regulars.  Average amount of people that come is probably 6-8.

The craziest part:  It’s at 8:00….. AM!  I don’t like mornings.  I’m not a morning person. I’m sluggish in the mornings.  But I’m doing it, and enjoying it.  And the day goes so much better on those days.  So although I exercise in the morning and enjoy it – I’m still not a morning person.  I still prefer to sleep in, if I could.  But I can’t.  Because I like to exercise with friends at the church and I like the way I feel from doing it.

And when I don’t want to go – my 6 year old will make me go.  She begs that we go because she has a friend that goes there with her mom.  So I go to make her happy.  And then I’m happy after the exercise is done.  🙂

I can’t wait for it to warm up again though, because I plan on take some walks again.

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